Trying out Sublime Text text editor

After more than 6 years of using jEdit as my text editor, I'm trying out a new one on the recommendation of my co-worker, Danni McNinch. It's pretty slick. You do Command-P to goto anything. Also it's quite pretty, at least on a Mac.

Things I like better than jEdit:

  • Close an HTML tag using Option+Command+.
  • Looks better overall.
  • Goto Anything is faster and more reliable than jEdit's Fast Open plugin. Update: jEdit's SmartOpen plugin seems to work pretty well, although there's a bug preventing it from working using the Mac OS X theme (workaround is to switch to a different theme).

Things I miss from jEdit:

  • Free SFTP plugin.
  • Highlight Occurrences plugin to highlight all occurrences of any word that the cursor is on. The highlight remains after you leave the word. You can also highlight other words, which will appear in different colors.
  • Splitting windows. It's a lot simpler than the Sublime Text Origami plugin.

Update: I switched back to jEdit. Sublime is good (and it looks better), but I was just too used to my old editor and missed the few things that it did better.

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