The kind of work I like to do

While talking with my wife, I gained a big insight into the kind of work I like to do.

The greater this fraction, the more I will like the work:



        Time Spent

The greater the importance (e.g., to the company, or to me), the more I like it. The quicker I can do it, the more I like it. But if the project isn't very important, I won't really like it. Or if it takes a lot of time, I won't like it.

This is why I really enjoyed building Yubnub (high importance to me, only 24 hours spent). Conversely, I hate debugging intermittent production issues (the bug isn't really important to the company, and it takes days or weeks to figure out).

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Did you know?

I'm a software engineering consultant. This means I can help your company with your software engineering needs:

  • providing temporary manpower for short-staffed software projects

  • helping new software projects get off to a good architectural start

  • improving the performance and reliability of old, legacy software systems

  • doing an important investigation or small project that you've always wanted to do but haven't had time for

Since 1999, I have done software engineering projects for the Canadian government, for Silicon Valley startups, and for established Bay Area companies, for small companies and medium-sized companies, for successful commercial projects and open-source projects. 

Currently accepting small projects. If you have one, email or call me.