Parachute Randomized Prioritizing Grid

This tool helps you to rank a list of your preferences by comparing them a pair at a time. The idea is based on Richard Bolles' Prioritizing Grid (as implemented by Beverly Ryle). But one think I don't like about it is that the pairs aren't randomized, which makes the exercise a bit more boring than it has to be. Also once you start getting as high as 30 items, the grid becomes hard to use (the online version scrolls off-screen on my laptop).

So this version presents random pairs to you. It still uses the same sorting scheme (by number of wins). I basically took my Elo Preference Ranker UI and modified/simplified it.

Simply paste in a list of items to rank, one per line (e.g., your favorite skills). Then press "Start ranking!". You will then be presented with a pair of items at a time, and you are asked to choose which is better or more important. As you go, the sorted list will appear at the bottom.

Input Strings

Enter the strings to rank, one per line. Then press "Start ranking!". You will be presented with pairs of strings - click the button corresponding to which item is more important or better.


Click the button corresponding to which item is more important or better. You can also press "J" for the left item and "L" for the right.

Something. Something else.

0 remaining

You have finished comparing all items!

Sorted Output Strings

The sorted strings are:

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