How I am writing commit messages now

I am trying a new way of writing commit messages based on Thoughtbot's 5 Useful Tips For A Better Commit Message. Basically my commit messages now look like this:

[Ticket number]: Summary: 1-line description: what and why

Problem: ...

Solution: ...

Side-effects: ...


[BDZL-4222] Summary: Digest's link "To control which emails you receive" is incorrect

Problem: The digest core has a link to /profiles/profile/emailSettings. However, this link is the old Bazel URL; in Bedazzle, the URL has changed to /main/profilesettings/email.

Solution: Make /profiles/profile/emailSettings redirect to /main/profilesettings/email.

Side effects: /profiles/profile/emailSettings responds with a 302 to /main/profilesettings/email, instead of a 404.

We'll see how long I can keep this up. The quality of these commit messages is great though - they give the why and the how of your commit.

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