I tried this once so far and it worked: FirstGlobalMoney. The charge is $5.99 to your debit card, which is better than Western Union ($10 + $3.50 credit card cash advance fee). You have to wait a few days the first time for them to verify your information. After that, recipients should receive it in half an hour. You select from a list of pickup locations for the recipient (typically a grocery store or pawn shop with remittance services).

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I'm a software engineering consultant. This means I can help your company with your software engineering needs:

  • providing temporary manpower for short-staffed software projects

  • helping new software projects get off to a good architectural start

  • improving the performance and reliability of old, legacy software systems

  • doing an important investigation or small project that you've always wanted to do but haven't had time for

Since 1999, I have done software engineering projects for the Canadian government, for Silicon Valley startups, and for established Bay Area companies, for small companies and medium-sized companies, for successful commercial projects and open-source projects. 

Currently accepting small projects. If you have one, email or call me.